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December 12-14, 1862

Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 12th - 14th 1862
Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 12th – 14th 1862

12th Dec. ^Friday Fredericksburg Va
2 or 3 men were killed + several
wounded – About Sunset
we were moved up on the []
+ stacked arms
Slept in J. Andersons house
Drew + served out at daylight 1 days ration(?)

13th Sat had orders to be ready
at daylight

Formed line about 8 ¾
marched off to lift – left in
front + formed line of battle
at 9 ½ – About 9 ¾ hours(?)
kot(?) firing com
-menced on our left –
(By campfire 9 PM.) Battle
lasted till 6 PM. The last
firing on the Right close
under a Reb. Battery

13th Below  Fredbg. ^12th  Nov. 1906 this PM below(?) must be a                                                                                                                                   marked(?)
We moved about(?) 3PM to the
top of the platau(?) just below
a ridge-6(?) hap(?) of 82 P.V.
2- Reb. regts(?) said to have
been taken(?) on our left + Gen
Taylor, Jackson, Bayard killed on our left

14th Near the Gas works –
called at 2 ½ a.m. formed line(?) +
marched off about 3- marched nearly
south to the road then turned to
right + marched towards []
filled(?) off to right + [] []
the ravine – rested about []
then marched down to our posts(?)
of yesterday – Got 1 ds. ration 6.
S.HB + cooked beef- Slight fir
ing commenced quite early – []
Heavy [] 9 ½ marched to the
Gas Works. – Supposed the morning that
we were going to the front – At 9 ½  it was said.
We were going to storm a battery

December 14-18, 1862

Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 14th - 18th 1862
Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 14th – 18th 1862

14th Dec. Fredericksburg
just before sunset we march
ed back to our place in the valley.
But very little firing today.
Sent letter to Josie written 11th(?)+
#17 to Mary, written on the wharf-
We stacked arms, made coffee +
spread our blankets on the ground.

15th Remained all day in same spot-
Heard no musketing(?)  but consid
erable cannoning about 9A.M. + 3P.M.
Our folks said to be planting(?) heavy
seige guns on the other bank of the river
Reed letters #19 + 20 (11th Dec) from Mary + one
from Cap.(?) Bailey at Balt.
Formed line at 9P.M. just after having
orders to makes ourselves comfortable(?)
for the night.- Marched to Firedly(?)
halted at the Andersons house –then mar
ched back to gas works + after 12 min.(?)
after various counter marching
Croped the bridge (covered in dirt)

16th Camp Opp. Fredbg.
+ back to camp –turned in with
out making any fires. I was
waked about 5 ½  A.M. by the rain.
Got over fly + pitched in
About 9 took down the fly + put up
our A tent. Drew + served out 2 days rations
not much cannoning(?)- All the
bridges up- our troops said to
be all acrop again.
Haven Surgeon of 15th + Fuller Chapl.(?) of
16th killed in Fredbg. Some frost
Sipels(?) Corps is said to have all come up.
Sent #18 to Mary – by Mr. Parker

17th Pleasant day- The 12th the
ground froze at night, but there
was no frost the 13th, 14th, or 15th.
Drew one days [] Fresh beef
¾ ration potatoes 4ds ration rice
2ds beans 1 square of des. vegetables.

18th– Reg. Inspection at 2PM
Drew 2 days ration HB.S+C.+ 1 of Fresh beef
Sarg(?) King +15 men went to [] for
clothing- returned about 10 PM- Cooked the
beef to serve out tomorrow morning.