ANDOVER, MAY 22, 1869

May 22, 1969, a meeting was held in the Town Hall.  Mr. E.K. Jenkins was chosen chairman and G. Warren Berry, Secretary.  The following ladies were chosen a committee on floral decorations from:

South Church: Mrs. Robert Callahan

Free Church:  Mrs. F. H. Johnson

Episcopal Church: Mrs. Samuel Raymond

Baptist Church: Mrs. Joseph A. Abbott

Chapel Church: Mrs. Warren F. Draper

Ballardvale Church: Mrs. Isaac O. Blunt

West Parish Church: Mrs. George Russell and Miss Annie L. Smith

Catholic Church: Miss Rebecca Steen

Abbot Female Academy: Miss P. McKeen

A procession was formed in the West Parish, marching to the cemetery.  Later a procession was formed at the Town Hall and marched through Main, Cross and School Streets to the Chapel Cemetery, thence down Main Street to the South, Episcopal and Catholic cemeteries.  On the route it was joined by the students of the Theo Seminary and Phillips Academy and children of the public schools.