ANDOVER, MAY 30, 1870

On Monday, May 30, 1870 a detachment from Post 39 of the Grand Army of the Republic arrived at the Railroad Depot from Lawrence and were there met by their comrades of this Town and accompanied by the Lawrence Brass Band, proceeded to the West Parish Cemetery, where prayer was offered by Rev. James H. Merrill and other appropriate exercise took place.  On their arrival at (9 o’clock) the Town Hall, the services commenced with music, followed with prayer by Prof. Thayer and an oration by Mr. G. A. Dunning of the Theo Seminary.

A procession was formed at the Town Hall under direction of Major Marland, Chief Marshal, which proceeded to the Chapel, South and Episcopal Cemeteries and a detail to the Catholic Cemetery.  On the route the procession was joined by the students of Phillips Academy and by the young ladies of Abbot Academy.