Bailey – August 24, 1864

Hall Town

Aug 24 1864

Friend Silvanus,

I now seat myself with pleasure to answer your letter which I received the twentieth but have not had time to answer it before now began to you one day had [ ] the letter half wrote when we had to get up and get we left George Town Heights on the fourteenth we was on the road five days marched about sixty miles one day we marched twenty five miles we are now within about three miles from harpers fery if you could have seen us you would laughed your self to death to see the boys pitch in stuff they went into a house and got every thing there was in there some had one thing and some a nother some of even had womens dresses they went so far as to eat the Bedcord some of them got some money it wasn’t good for any thing to us they wouldnt been so hard on him but the one that owned the place was the Colonel in the Rebel army they had a lot of stores stored away for the Rebs but they could not keep long after our Boys got win of it they got a lot of scigars we striped the corn field apples sheep hogs Cattle fowls had to take up now you may bet your guts on that you can judge what forty thoughsand men would do where there is any such things as that around you know there is going to be something did but we have got now where every thing has been having a slight skirmish every day the pickets have it they are not more they a mile off at any rate we could hear the Band play we was at works yesterday throwing up bres works expecting an atacked but if they do they will kitch hell under the shirt tail that’s whats the mater and I would like to have you send me one dollar woroth of litter stamps besides the other thing that I send for send that gold pen and money as soon as you can and the stamps if you can tell me how to direct a latter to Charles pleas do so give my best respecks to all the Shop Boys and give my best respecks to Andrew and tell him if he don’t write I will kick his god damed I wont say what if he dont write and let me know how Eliza is that’s all let me know how all the girls is in Lowell

From your friend

Geo A Bailey