Bailey – August 31, 1862

New Orleans Aug, 31th 1862

Friend Silvanus

I now seat myself to pen a few lines to let you know that I am well at present and hope these few lines will find you the same I received your letter yesterday and glad was I to hear from you I suppose that by the time that I get home you will have two or three little ones around Crying for bread and butter I am glad that business is so good there have you left swans or has he moved his shop you ought to Come out here and see the place New Orleans is a great City it is about seven miles long and from a mile to a mile and a half wide there is some very nice houses in this City there was one of them burnt the other day it was a Clothing Store it was within about twenty rods of our Camp there is more or less of fire every day

I suppose these Andover folks have got there haying most done how does old Andover folks get a long is the Kendall girls all to home now I suppose Andrew boys puts them around I should Just like to see old Andover but I should not want to stop there A great while becose I have seen too much since I came a way is Albert Grant at home know I here that he has enlisted for A Soldier how does Hannah Merrell get a long does Albert Bailey go with her now have you heard from Moses Abbott they have not paid of yet

I shall write and let you know Soon So good by excuse all Mistakes

George A Bailey

To Silvanus Lovejoy

Has the Regt that Charles Wintchester be longs to gone of yet

George A Baily

New Orleans Co A

26 Regt give my

Respecks to all the folks