Bailey – July 21, 1864

Bermuda Hundreds Va

July 21th 1864

Friend Silvanus

As I have a few leisure moments I will improve it by writing to you I am well at present and so is Jack we are in a little different Country then what we have been we started from New Orleans on the eleventh we arrived at Fortress Monrow in the morning of the nineteenth was sent up the James River to this place we are within about ten miles of the front where Butler is we will go to him soon I suppose we are going up there and see the fun we can hear the guns from hear all the nineteenth army Corps are coming here I that Thomas Baily is at home on a sick furlow isn’t he I heard when I was in New Orleans that they was going to send all the sick and wounded home we lost two men coming from New Orleans out here that died and was buried at sea they are not going to bury me in no such a dam watery grave as that if they do they have got up early in the morning I sent some money to you the twenty fifth of June did you receive it if you did you can send me a ten dollar green back and be shure and send a green Back be cose the money there is not good here I sent for some when I was at Morganza have you sent it if you have please tell me when you sent it because there was a mail Boat captured that started from New York on the ninth I do not care whether you have sent it or not you can send it to me now if have received it I do not think of any news to write you may give my best respects to all the Boys in the Shop have you heard anything from Charles if you have let me know where he is please write Just as soon as you get this

Geo A Bailey

direct to Co A 26th Regt Mass Vet Vols 19 Army Corps Fortress Munrow VA

Be shure and put on the 19army corps Fortress Munrow VA