Bailey – June 9, 1862

New Orleans June 9th / 86

Friend Sylvanus

I now take my pen in hand to pen you a few lines to let you know that I am well at present and hope these few lines will find you all The same I received a Letter from you yesterday and glad was I to hear from you everything is lovely and the goos hangs hangs high that’s whats the mater I suppose that you have received that money that I sent to you I have not had a letter from Thomas for a month or two he said the Boys was all well then he did not say anything about Albert Grand running away Henry Bailey run away some time ago but that is something that I would not do we are having a good time here I was down on Christer St last night to see the folks they are all right that what’s the matter how is old Andover Girls get along now how do they use them when I am not there or don’t they get a Chance to use them

how is Maria now I Should think that Andrew mint get his Sucker in there now they are most all of them big enough to do something I suppose I done nw Maria Hendall is as Pius as hell when I get home we will go on a seven years bust and see if the tire will come of we will get up and get if you want to see the pious folks come out here they don’t know when Sunday comes here you used to know Frank Peaters I suppose I done know he is out here I do not think of any news to write you so I must Close by biding you good night give my love to all the folks and Consider this from

George A Bailey