Bailey – June 9, 1863

New Orleans, June 9th 1863

Friend Silvanus

I now take my pen in hand to pen to pen in hand to pen you a few lines to let you know that I am well at presant and hope these few lines will find you all the same we are having fine weather here now but it is geting warm I suppose that Shoe Buisness is good at home I hear that it is but with me it is just as good one time as it is another I am having a good time here there is plenty of old hat there is a dam site more of it then I wish there was that is whats the mater I am going out to night to have a bum we can go all over the City if we want to if I want to go out I go I never ask for a pass some times I go along Christer St have you received that money that I sent to you you have I want to have you sent out to me two dollars greenback as quick as you get this Letter Send it in a letter and be Shure and direct it to George A. Bailey, Co A 26th Regt Mass Vols New Orleans becose there is two other 26 Regts out here and if you do not put on the Mass Vols I Shall not get it you put on the Mass Vols there will no Maria I do not think of any news to write you now so I must Close by biding you good night give my love to all and Consider this from

George A Bailey


That is what’s the marter