Bailey – May 15, 1863

New Orleans May 15th, 1863

Friend Silvanus

I now seat myself to pen a few lines to you to let you know that I am well at presant and hope these few lines will find you all the same I received a Letter from you the other day but I had wrote to you a day or two before that so I have not answered it untill now we are Still in the City I do not know how long I shall Stay hear I but I do not seee any sines of the Regt getting out of the city I sent to you to get me a pr of Boots but if you have not got them made you need get them made untill I sent the money but if you have got them made you need not Send them out with out you are a mine to keep them untill I send the money We have got paid of We got paid of about 3 days ago if Send any to you I shall send it within a week Hows old Andover now and the folks that lives in it How is Hannah Merrill and Albert Bailey get a long now I do not know of any thing more to write to you so I must Close by biding you good by Please excuse all mistakes and give my best respecks to all the folks

from George A Bailey


I [ ] the better than I [ ] Soldiering but I would go to hel before I would lieve Soldiering