Bailey – October 2, 1863

Camp Bisland Oct 2th 1863

Friend Silvanus

I now take my pen in hand to pen you a few lines to let you know that I am well at presant and hope these few lines will find you the same I received a Letter from you yesterday and flag was I to hear from you we left the City the twenty eighth of Aug and went to Baton Rouge we Stoped there untill the second of Sept and we went on board of a Boat and came back down to the City and ankered laid there two days and then we started out to sea we went about three hundred miles we came to sabine pass the mouth of the Sabine River we got there at night we laid there that night in the morning the gun Boats went into the pass and threw a few Shels around there they did not get no reseption they came out again we had about eight thoughsand troops there and five gun Boats there was a Batery up the pass about a mile there was three of our gun Boats in Contacked with it but we rother got the worst of it one of our Boats got a ground and the other one her Boilers Blowed up they Both had to serrender we had to come Back and go around a nother way we came Back to the City again we went up the rail Road to Brashier City we stoped there just a week we started from there and marched about fifteen miles to a place called Camp Bisland and here we are now but we do not expect to Stay here more than a week at the outside we are going to Texas there is about seventy five thoughsand going there we will drive them to hell or they will us we had to lieve all of our things to the City only Just what we Could get a long with so I could not Bring any ink so I have to write with a Led pencil if you can read it you will do well I do not know of any news to write now pear hapse there will be some next time so I must close by biding you good bye give my respecks to all the folks and consider this from

G A Bailey


direct your Letters to New Orleans and I will get them write soon