Bailey – September 13, 1864

Camp near BerryVille

Sept 13th 164

Friend Silvanus

I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at present and hope these few lines will find you the same and to let you know that I got the stemps I got the letter last night this is a dam dirty sheet of paper but I don’t suppose you care for that We are still in Camp near Berryville about sixteen miles from Harpers Ferry do not know how long we will stop here but there is one thing shure we are here now and Camp is in the woods we are having a gay old time here a little brush with the rebs once and a while I hurd firing today on our left haven’t heard what it is about yet We left Jack sick in Harpers ferry I suppose he is in Sandy Hook hospital his company and Co D is on Gen Sheridan head quarters the rest of the Boys are all well at present I wrote a letter to you some four days ago for some Shirts and a pair of wooles if you can get them I want some good ones I suppose they will cost at least ten dollars I think it will take seven yards to make them large if they are not all ready made if you haven’t bought that Clolth I want something the similar to this something that is dark collord I wouldn’t sent for them until I got the money if I didn’t want thim but it is good enough We will get paid off soon I expect some time this month I hope leave Andrew alone for that he is in enough for them have you seen Albert Grant since he came home I would like to see him how is all the girls in Lowell

I hear that there is a good many going out into the Country to stop a while you know what I mean by that

it is getting dam Cold here I don’t like such a counry as this I had rather go back to New Orleans I do not think of any thing more to write now so I will close give my respecks to all the folks and tell Andrew if he don’t write I will nock hel out of him when I come home Please excuse all poor writing and mistakes and consider this from your friend

Geo A Bailey