Bailey – September 13, 1864

Postmark Washington
Sep 18

Mr. Silvanus Lovejoy
No 41 Merrimac St

Camp near BerryVille
Sept 13th 164

Friend Silvanus

I was in such a hurry when I wrote that letter I forgot to put this piece of Cloth* in to it so I thought I would write a nother one       I have just got my whiskey so I don’t fell in such a hurry as I was this afternoon   I hear a rumer to night that the six Corp took a reb Gen Colonel and one Regt   I don’t know how true it is   I am writing this in the dark   I don’t know whether you can read it or not if you can you will do better than what I can   have you seen Maria Kendall since I come a way   I wish I could have seen her when I was at home   she would have to go further into the Country they what she is now   I would given any thing if I could have got foul of her that was just what I wanted but I couldn’t make it ram   if you see Albert Grant give him my best respecks and tell him I would like to have him writ e that is all I believe this time from your friend

George Bailey

I want something the the similar to this piece of Cloth for Shirts only a little thicker if you haven’t got them all ready then something dark colored I guess by god I wont write any more in this piece of paper.

George A Bailey
Co A 26 Regt
Mass Vet Vols

I guess by got that is inough of it isn’t let me know

*Piece of cloth not found with letter.