Bailey – September 8, 1864

Camp near Berrysville

Sept 8th 64

Friend Silvanus

I now seat myself to write a few lines to you to let you know that I am well at present and hope these few lines will find you the same we have moved round some since I last wrote we came to this place some five days ago and have been here since they had a fight the first night we came here but our Corps was wasent in it we drove the rebs our Brigade went out day before yesterday formed a line of Battle of six Regts in our Brig as soon as they see us they left out before we went and they was firing like the devel but as soon as they see us they thought is was about time to lieve we haveing a rather rough time of it made we have to move first acording to how the rebs do if they move to day we will have to follow them some times we get all night to our selves but it is oftener we dont the day we came here we started when we got here we started in the morning marched until eleven halted until five when we started we hadnt gone more then fifty rods when we hurd fireing we went about a mile and halted then it was about half past six we went to throwing up brest works it rained we worked all night throwing of brest works expecting that they would attack us in the morning but they havent come near us yet this chacing the rebel gen. Early up and down the Shenandoah valley I don’t think much of it now I will tell you what I would like if you could get it and that is a pair of woolen shirts I would like to have you or your wife buy the cloth if your wife will make them she can if she dont want to you can give them to mother and tell her to make them but if your wife will make them I will pay her what ever she says it is worth I suppose the Cloth will cost at least one dollar and a quarter yard if not more I know you havent got money enough of mine besides what is in the bank to get them but if you will get them I will make it all right when we get paid of again whoever makes them tell them to make them prety long and make the slieves long to and send them by mail that is all I think of now give my best respeecks to all the Shop Boys

from your friend

Geo A. Bailey