January 15-19 1863

Jan 15-19 1863 Robinson
Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 15th-19th 1863



15th Jan. Opp. Frdbg. (no sub. camps in sight
-After pull drilled went to R.R Station to see
if [ ] box had come- They are at
[ ]H.2. – went there- mine not come
(the 3 do….?)
Rain in night    Got sugar-

16th Rain ceased- wind still high
getting round to N. West- pretty cold
Orders to be ready to march a ton
early home tomorrow – Got 250 rounds
of Am. saved it out so each man has
60- Drew 1 days ration Fresh meat-
G.S. + H.B. also a little rice- 3 day Pork
making 3 ds. ration hand the 17th
Lyman H. Hastings died in hospital
7 PM. of fever- Sent letters to Capt Baily + Mother Maggie
G. Hubbard had [ ] parts.
Are #24 to Mary

17th– Buried L.H. Hastings under arms
-Lent #24 to Mary [ ], letter to Jr. G. Day
-Gold day- no drills- [ ] to go on
Picket tomorrow- Drew/ds rd. Pork. G.
[ ] and a few onions- Read #2 from Mary

18th Jan. Sunday- cold + frosty in morning
[ ] A.B+G formed line about 9 a.m.
1 sergt. + 30 of our men went with me to the
Reserve under Capt. Barker. – 6o(?) A with
us- the rest of 60(?) on the river-
4 of the 30 lbs. Rodman guns. Left during the
night- only a left- but there are (quaker?)
guns in there places of the ones sent away
-Rebs. throwing [ ] in the trench men + – on
the upper bbank of the river from the [ ]
we lay (13th [ ]) [ ] to the sun.
No camps in sight- Reb. preket(?) sent a Riche
paper of 17 [ ] on board. Phelps sent some
coffee across to them. Came up to camp + packed
[ ] chest- 60 Drew 2ds. Rtn. Salt Beef- one of Su.
G+HB+some potatoes + onions. –Everything quiet

19th Relieved 9 ½ a.m. Heard that our army
was going to commence R.L. this morn. + we were
to stay in front + act according to circumstances
-Didn’t drill. Went to Depot about Sunset
Planks + stringers for [ ] bridges are
being loaded from cars to army wagons-
60 Drew 1 ds. Rtn.


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