December 19-22, 1862

Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 19th-22nd 1862
Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 19th-22nd 1862

19th Decem. Opp. Fredbg.

Formed line at 9 AM, (cold morning) + marched
down to Washington place- left part of Reg.
there, on 60 with all the left wing were frosted
as reserve a half a mile on lefts behind the
11 gum battery of 20 + 30 lb. rifles.
The 30lbs. are said to be the heaviest we
have here- ground commenced thawing
+ was pretty muddy by sunset-
Pitched shelter tent, but couldn’t sleep
on of acct. of cold feet-Kept fire all night
Rebs(?) can be seen wandering over the battle
field + pickets are down to the (event?)
to the town. Can see the Earth-
works almost by the hundred. Can see
none of the Reb. night, where Frank-
lin Grand Jr.(?) fought- It looks
as if the Reb. right might have been turned
our whole Brig. on Pickett.
20th Turned about 10 AM + marched
back to camp- (P…?)about all back-
very cold day- ground frozen at noon.
Drew  3 days (?),  Beans, HB. G. S + Pork. 2(?)
of Rice- 2 gallons, (?)– 4 bars soap 20 long candles.

21st Dec. Off. Fred. Sunday

Drew 1 Gal. molasses, Reg.  Sunday (line…?)
melting in (b…?). (B…?) tent at 2 PM.
Services 3 ½ PM Rev. Mr. Bushing from Brooklyn
+ another Rev. from (Wor?) 60 took part-
Good meeting, short as it was cold-
LA. Rd. sick I look the 60 out-

22nd Ground froze- but weather
warmer- ground in many places
froze day. Went on Pickett 9am
6 (as?) K. G. + B. on the river from where
we cropped to half a mile below-
Our 60 on duty from 12 to 6 am of  23rd
-I was on from 3 to 6 visited the time
twice- (stopped?) part of time in house
by bridge rest in Washington house
– Got (P…?) of cherry tree from the garden
+ price of Jasper from back of house,
Rebs throwing up (?) (pits?) opp. where
the bridge (?) – worked till
1 am. (Dogs?) howling all night. House
burnt in City. Gum (aee.?) (d…?) by
one of 60 K- (Prescott?)- (?)

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