February 12-16 1863

Henry S. Robinson Diary, February 12th-16th 1863
Henry S. Robinson Diary, February 12th-16th 1863

Chesapeake Bay

12th Feb. On board Str. S. America
see a mile or more.
Came to anchor in the Roads after
dark ­–

13th Got underway about 9 AM
steamed(?) around nearly to the
landing in front of the Fort.
passed, near the [R… ], +
[ ] Point, passed the Firegate(?)
Minnesota which hailed us, IronClad Nahart(?)
+  several other Gunboats to the
Wharf at Newport News
Halted 2 or 3 hours in the intrench
-ments, then marched up the
James River 2 miles, past the
brick building intrenched, +
camped a quarter of a mile or
so from the river, on a Sandy
plain ­– Cut logs for a
house + had part of them [ ]
to Camp

14th Camp Nior Newport News
– Got our logs placed for house
the same as the one used on the
Rappahammock – Got on A lent + [ ] it
– Got letter from May
written the 8th

15th Sunday – rainy + warm
Went on Picket in rear of Camp –
– Pretty wet towards night + in first of
night. Read letter from Mrs. Peggy
+ R.H. Heywood.

16th Relieved by Camp Guards
Drew 2ds. rations meat, Bread. S + C
1ds. ration Rice, Potatoes + Onions
Candles                     Dep  Parade
Went down to the wharf + got a lot
of Equip. boxes for [R… ]. I got the one
sent by Kilbern the 20th Jan. shower
2 ½ long can 1 large + 3 small cans To. 2 bottle
ketchup 3 of Huckl. 2 cans Peppers 1can Jam
1 Pot Jam – 1 glass Jelly – Pickles + apples















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