February 16-21 1863

Feb 16-21 1863 Robinson
Henry S. Robinson Diary, February 16th-21st 1863


16th Feb. camp was(?) Newport News Va.
Wrote + sent #30 to Mary

17th North Easterly storm –
“Capt Bailey” came back – bring
-ing Lt. Rd’s trunk + a pkg. for
me – also letter of 12th from Mary

18th – Rain continues –
Wrote to Mrs. P. + #31 to Mary –
Drew 3ds. Ration S. + C. 60 16 potatoes ,
20 of Drd. apples, 1 ds. ration
Softbread –  2 ds. ration meat –
– 15 long candles – soap – + beans

19th – Rain in night – alone
off sunny day –
Drew soft bread –
Sent letter to Mrs. Perry
+ D.W.K. – recd. only
from Mrs. P. –
for [] A. tents + [] them
went to the wharf – got had (30?)

20th – Pleasant day – made
Bc shed – [] our A tent on
the stockade – Read letter from
Mary written 16th
Had Dep parade – Captain. out.
got them to go to Fort Mirror
for green – paid boot. Boynton $3.00

21st– pleasant- started for the land
by 7:20am Boat left wharf 8- 4
Fort Munroe (Gen Washington)
Went into the []- saw two-geo
Gounder Parrot guns- they are get
-ting ready to mount the union +
Lincoln guns- got some acorns
from the live oak trees- artisan
well [] abandoned- they had
an apparatus capable of making 2
galls water in  8 hours.-1000 in the part
Str. leaves Newport 8+1- leaves the
fort 10+4-leaves or Norfolk 10 1/2
4- [] office outside the fort

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