January 31- February 5 1863

Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 31st-February 5th 1863
Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 31st-February 5th 1863

31st Jan. Opp. Fredbg.
Snow still going- Had the regular
monthly inspection– Ltd. B. insp-
-ected all the Rest. – Lt. Morse took
comd. of 60 as Capt. [ ]  he was
away + Lt. Lucker sick- I went
to Depot to wait for Capt. Mt(?) he
came at 4 ½ PM  + says my boxes are
not at [ ] + have not been there.
60 drew 3ds. Rtn. G.S. + HB.

1st Feb. Pleasant day-
Lt.Rd. at [ ] Creek – Had
Bible [ ]    Drew 2ds. rtn. Meat
-No Inspection, serves on Dept. Parads
Lt. Rd. couldn’t find his trunk

2nd Order to get ready for Inspec-
-tion + Review at 10 a.m. – as had to leave to go to Washington
Payrolls came + signed them. Pay to
1st Nov. MIne is from 200 Sept. to 1st Nov.
-Drew 3ds. rtn rice, 60lbs. potatoes 2
1ds. rtn salt pork- Read letter from Mary 26th [ ] wrote to [ ]
#27 + to J.R. + to Mary Lawyer-Mary’s letter had .50 + 3 [ ]

3rd Feb. Cold morning a little snow fall
ing- Orders for Inspection at 9 ½ a.m. Formed line
-No Insp. but had Batt. drill with [ ]
Learned that Ex. boxes were at Station + went
down- can’t see mine. – Drew 3ds.Rtn. HB.S.
+6. -40 lbs. Onions. about 20 each of Beans + Rice
Soap – + 2ds.Rtn. Fresh beef- Coldest night of
the season- Strong Northerly wind- Water freeze
in the tent our [ ] nice with good fire in fire place

4th Wind went down but it was a
very cold night- the coldest we have had.
Lt. Rd. made his bunk beside mine.
Ex. Boxes at Case H.2. – Went there
3 Times- Weather moderating. Read letter from [ ] in [ ]
Dep. Parade. at 5. P.M.

5th Another very cold night- Snow
falling wind about N.East. Boxes came to [ ]
Drew some clothing- 3ds Rtn. meat. Sugar
Soft + Hard bread. Coffee. – Rumors of our
going to Fort [ ] [ ]– Rain after 3 P.M.
Goodwill + Fuller not paid
– Men got pay to first Nov. 62-



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