January 25-30

Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 25th-30th 1863
Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 25th-30th 1863

25th Jan. Opp. Fredbg.
Sunday No rain but cloudy-
No services – no inspection–
Went to R.R Station to look for boxes
-found none. Bot 25 cts. worth of apples
embalming  costs 25 dol.s  for private coffin line
with 2 costs 25d. – Can be sent in common one.

26th Clean day- mud drying up
No drills Dep. Parade- 43th had Bat.
drill + 100th had D.P. 60 drew 3/2 lb potatoes
– Gen. Burnside turned over the command of
the Army to Gen. Hooker- Gen. Summer is said
to have resigned + Gen. Franklin roved.
Read letter from B.R.S.
Borrowed of [ ] $5.00

27th [ ] went on a Picket- I
stayed in Camp- went to Station.
to see about [ ] – Corp. Davids’
[ ] came- Sent letter to Ms. Win
-chester + H26 to Mary – Drew 2 DS. Rtn.
H.B.S. + G.
Rained nearly all day
Paid summer Goodman 60 cts.

28th Snowing at day light N.E. wind
60 came in from [ ] pretty wet +
about used up- had some Coffee for
them + Lt. farm shed 2 gals. whiskey
Sent letter to B.R.S- Drew 1 Ds. Rts
Fresh Beef- Snowing all day –
Gave Capt. [ ] an order on Adams
Express 60 for my two [ ].

29th Snowing till about Day light – Sun
out all day- Six inches of heavy snow on ground
in morning – Melted very fast-
60 drew 2ds. Rtn. G.S.H.B.Beams- 60 lbs Potatoes
Had good snow ball- Sent letter to R.H. Haywood

30th Snow melting fast- Put a bar
on top of our chimney- Drew 3ds. rtn.
of meat- one of fresh beef + one of salt P.
-Light just out at tops 8 ¼ P.M.
Got letter from Mother [ ]
+ her husband.
Major Barke went home- [ ] had is
granted- On [ ]
– [ ].

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