January 5-9 1863

Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 5th -9th 1863
Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 5th -9th 1863

5th Jan Opp. Freddbg. VA

A warm pleasant day- Had to
drill from 10 to 11 am, 2 to 9 Pm. + Dep.
Parade at 5. P.M. – took 1 days ration
Pork- B of H.B. G. + Lugan– 25 short
candles,  2 bars soap, the.beans-
Des. vegetables.
2 galls. vinegar (?)
Private Fred.Flagg. made a
Corporal– by order of Lt. Raymond

6th Cloudy + finally rainy.
No drills on Dep. Parade-
Inspection of 9th [ ]. by Gen.
Burnside, near Gen. Liam ours H.2>
The rain prevented a large part
of Revenue- We were in the grain
from about 1 2/4 P.M. to 2 2/4

Drew clothing + served it to men
-Read letter from Mary written 3[]
+ mailed 2nd Jan.

7th Jan. Opp. Fred.

Colder this morning but pleasant
Not out to 6o Drill, in a.m. as the rations(?)
were drawn- 1 days of Fresh beef- 33 lbs.
of Onions- Out to drill in PM
Drilled in breaking files to [ ]
– Arth. Hunt + Frank Osgood- taken
positions at [ ]
were here today- Dep. Parade + [ ]
after sunset- paroled + [ ] left today
(gone into camp 2 or 3 miles from here)

8th Cold– ground froze all day – Drills
as usual D.P. – Drew 1 days Eat. Pork
+ 4 beers(?) HB on representation
Finished + sent #22 [ ]
Josh Freeman here-
News it we are to go [ ]

9th Cos.  A. G. B. under Capt. Barker
(Major Barker Off. Of Guard- Cap. Morton
Filled Off.) got on line at 9. Am. Per
Picket- We were with 60 A. on the
reserve back of the Rodman battery


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