January 1-4 1863

Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 1st -4th 1863
Henry S. Robinson Diary, January 1st -4th 1863

1st Jan. 1863 – Happy new year to all
– warm pleasant weather
President Proclamation freedoms
of rebels. Read letter from B.R.S.

2nd warm + pleasant
Took a walk around the camp of
1st Div. + find our houses as good
as any + better than most

Sent #21st  Mary – also letter to S.S.
After sending mine need one from
Mary written 28th

3rd Jan. Opp. Fredericksburg
Warm + pleasant during day-
pretty heavy frost in morning
Drew rations 21 days  & year- 9 of H.B.
+ Coffee

Saw Mrs. Houghton 1st May(?)
under Hooker- (?) brigade
Wrote letter to B.R.S.-

4th Sunday- Had orders last
night to have customary perception
+ then read Articles of War.
Just as bugle sounded- had orders
To omit the [ ] + have a grand
Review of 9th [ ] by Gen. Burnside
– About noon orders came to have-
[ ]. Brigade services at 2 P.M
– Our Chapel + the 100th conducted
services – Allusion made to our
duty at Con.(?) of the year-
Went down to Depot – [ ] a crop [ ]
look the same as last Sunday-
[ ] Pork-


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