December 27-31 1862

Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 27th- 31st 1862
Henry S. Robinson Diary, December 27th- 31st 1862


27th Dec. Opp Fredburg,
Tore down the old house + made
a new one of round bags- matched
at one corner- leaving a door into
the back room- Got it up + was
tired.        Orders to go on (Picks?)
tomorrow – finished + sent
#20 to Mary,  recd. one from her
of 22nd.

28th (C?) Pleasant morning-
76os(?) went on Picket 6os G. of K. at
the river- near Washington Farm.
I went on duty at river at 12
midnight – (heard?) a good deal
of noise over the river – like hammer-
ing lumber or something of that
sort- Heard teams moving +
men shouting.  Gen. Burnside down
near the Rodman (batting?)in PM.

29th Found this morning that
the rifle (?) (?)had
been extended nearly to R.R. Bridge.

29th  Relieved + came to camp about
10 ½ a.m. Balloon up-
Heard something like firing up the
Put the walls + roof of back room
– did not complete the house-
Drew for 60 3 days R. HB– 2 of Sugar
1 of Fresh beef – 2 of 3 of 6.
– At work on (Muster?) Rolls-
Word about 8 Pull that we shall
more tomorrow

30th – At work on Muster Rolls.
Capt. Moww wrote them all – we
Sat up till 12 mid. to finish them
Should (?)between Capt. 1st (?)
1st + 2nd 2nd + 1st Sept 1st + 2nd Sept. (all
these to be worked I) – Other spaces as we
have made them- Warm + Pleasant

31st Mustered in by Cpt. Welch –
All our men but Taylor marked present
Appearance of troops mkd. not very good


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